Retirement Benefits & Banking in Mexico



If you are of retirement age, one of your major concerns will undoubtedly be about receiving your Social Security benefits in Mexico. Have no fear. There is no problem with relocating and having a new address outside of the country. All that is needed is a notification of change of address while you maintain a direct deposit into your United States Bank. Any mail from the Social Security Office will be sent to you via air mail. Recommended bank for U.S. / Mexico banking is Citibank located in California. If you are from the United States, you can open a “friendship” account which is linked with Banamex USA and Banamex Mexico for quick access to your dollars at ATM’S everywhere throughout Mexico, conveniently converted into pesos upon withdrawal at the daily exchange rate offered by the bank.


One thought on “Retirement Benefits & Banking in Mexico

  1. My wife & I are both retired & receive SS benefits and have lived at Lake Chapala now for 7 years. The US Consulate in Guadalajara has a very helpful SS desk to render assistance.

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