Higher Life Quality
It may sound cliché, but living in Mexico really ups your lifestyle. The low cost of living means you will be able to hire house help daily, which will give you more free time for yourself. Walks on the beach (or park), yoga, time to sit down and enjoy a book by the beach, waking up slightly later and going to bed earlier. Everything you do will help you increase your life quality.

Healthcare and Medical Services

Mexico has increasingly become a popular medical hotspot for its high quality services at a much lower price. From dental procedures to surgeries and treatments, many people from the USA flock down to Mexico for medical attention. Hospitals and medicines are cheaper than in the north and the quality of the service is equal or better. Many doctors, dentists, surgeons, and others, received part of their training in the United States so they are well trained. Costs for simple procedures can be half the price that you would normally pay back home. And the ultimate plus of medical care in Mexico (specifically the Riviera Maya) is recovering by the beach!

Culture, Tradition, Diversity and History

Mexico is a rich cultural country. From Mayan, Aztec, Olmec (and other) heritages, to deeply rooted religious traditions, this country is sure to offer a variety of traditional festivals and cultural events. Mexico has over 40,000 archeological sites – including a Wonder of the World; it also has 9 out of the 11 ecosystems that exist around the world: desserts, mountains, beaches, forests, jungles, and more. The history, the culture and tradition, and the diversity of Mexico, makes it a magical place for expats to explore and enjoy their retirement in.

By: Thomas Lloyd.