Let’s be honest, even if you are retiring to a foreign country, you want to be close to home. Mexico is the USA’s next door neighbor. Flights are readily available on a daily basis, and the costs of travelling are rather accessible. Direct flights from the USA and Canada are common and only a few short hours from your new home. Going back home to visit friends and family, or having them come down to visit you, is something that goes from “I wish they could…” to a “they actually can”.


There is a serious addiction to Mexican food in the North. Every block or two there is a “Mexican” restaurant, and most of the population is guilty of trying it…and loving it. But real Mexican food is much better (and possibly cheaper) than what you can find back home. Mexican gastronomy is considered a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. So, go figure! From street food to more elaborate dishes, nothing you try will disappoint.


News media reports are often exporting drug cartel related violent crimes in Mexico. However, far from what is being showed around the world, Mexico is a very safe place. It is no different walking down the street in Denver than it is in Mexico City – or anywhere for that matter. While there is a drug war going on, innocent people are not targeted, and most importantly, foreigners are not being targeted. Many places where expats retire to are some of the safest areas in the country. Law enforcement is present, especially in tourist destinations such as the Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and San Miguel de Allende. While taking precautions is always recommended, you don’t need to live in fear of something happening to you.

by: Thomas Lloyd