By: International Living

Mexico has long been a favorite for expats looking for a haven where they can make the most of their retirement.

Mexico’s close proximity to the U.S. as well as its cost of living make it an ideal expat haven. From real estate to groceries, entertainment to healthcare, life in Mexico simply costs less.

But that’s not all. The lifestyle in Mexico is also attractive. You can enjoy a slower pace of life full of family, gorgeous weather, and culture. Indeed, culture abounds in Mexico with ancient ruins dotting the country.

Thanks to Mexico’s large size you will also be able to pick your climate. If beaches are what you desire, Mexico has nearly 6,000 miles of coastline with beautiful beach resorts such as Puerto Vallarta. If you prefer a mountain lifestyle with temperate weather the Colonial Highlands could be for you.

Today’s Mexico is largely First-World, with excellent highways, sleek airports, and high-speed telecommunications. You will even be able to find most of your favorite foods in supermarkets here.

Mexico is a no brainer. It has everything an expat haven needs. Low costs, ideal weather and locals that are both welcoming and warm. This tried-and-tested retirement haven is still a great place to live.



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