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When contemplating great locations in Mexico that would make for a fun-filled getaway, there are a few obvious choices that immediately come to mind — places like Mexico City, Cancun and Acapulco.

And while any of these would certainly promise to offer an exciting vacation experience, there are lots of other options you might want to consider, particularly if you tend to prefer locales that are more under the radar or not as crowded with tourists.

Here are a few less obvious selections you can add to your list of possibilities.

Chapala. A popular retirement destination for people from all over North America and beyond, this city is the epitome of quant Mexican charm. It is a great opportunity to enjoy tranquil beaches in a quiet, laidback setting. The pleasant year-round weather and plentiful authentic local cuisine are among the appealing features of this town. And while the town itself is relaxed and low-key, it is within an easy drive to more fast-paced cities, so you can get your taste of big city action when the urge strikes.

Puerto Escondido. If an excursion that provides a unique chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature is what you crave, Puerto Escondido is the ideal choice for you. Nestled at the edge of the end of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range, this locale offers both stunning mountain views and access to a number of incredible beach settings where you can relax and bask in amazing shoreline views. Great for fishing, sailing or water sports.

San Jose del Cabo. This city may be just 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas, but it may as well be a world apart from its more well-known neighbor. This would be a preferable choice for those travelers seeking a more laidback experience and room to spread out without battling crowds. This is a picturesque setting, and you will feel like you have bene transported into a real-life version of many iconic images of Mexico. You will see eye-catching buildings in colorful streets, and countless examples of idyllic 18th-century Spanish colonial architecture. And once you venture off dry land, the water surrounding this town offers great ocean life and a perfect kayaking spot.

Ensenada. This town is all about the water, and everything that arrives via that route. It’s one of the most important— and most heavily trafficked — ports in all of Mexico. Needless to say, there are lots of ships to watch here. And you can also enjoy a number of other water-focused activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and even whale watching. Further inland, there are plenty of fun activities and lots of great entertainment.

Manzanillo. The city of Manzanillo seems custom-designed specifically for those who like being outside. The nearly perfect weather all year round means you can always enjoy the great outdoors. Offering two separate bays, this is an attractive locale for people who love being in or near the water. It is a popular spot for those who want to study eco-culture or get a close-up look at many types of unusual ocean creatures. It’s also great for surfing, or just relaxing in the sand while soaking up the sun.




    1. Hi Alfredo!

      We think the purpose of the author was to talk about mexican places that aren´t as famous as Riviera Maya or in this case, Puerto Vallarta.

      But we have published here a lot of articles about Puerto Vallarta that you´ll enjoy to read. Tell us your perspective about it when you read it!

  1. Another article by someone that knows very little…. Puerto Escondido is without doubt the greatest surfing location in all of Mexico, one of the premier breaks in N. America. Manzanillo, not even close… Tranquil beaches in Chapala? Don’t get me wrong, I like all of these places, just wish the articles would be a little more accurate and informative….

    1. Thank you for let us know, Stephen. We are always searching articles that change the perspective about what people normally think about Mexico and promote the beautiful places that Mexico has to offer. We´ll search articles that talk about Puerto Escondido and his greatest surfing location. Thank you for your recommendation.

  2. My wife and I have lived retired in the Lake Chapala region since 2007. Climate and economy were factors but what really appealed to us was the low-stress and small “Traditionally Mexican” village concept. We have traveled 21 of the 32 states of Mexico prior to our 2007 decision to live in Ajijic, Jalisco. We hope Lake Chapala remains that small fishing village we so love and never gives in to the “Norte” lifestyle we escaped in the United States 9 years ago. All are welcome to visit as tourists or come to live as retirees, but leave your US/Canadian lifestyle at the border and prepare to immerse yourself into a new lifestyle of Mexican customs and traditions…this is what makes Lake Chapala’s area a great destination in Mexico living.

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