By: Mexperience


When new laws came into effect on January 2015 to shake-up Mexico’s telecommunication market, fixed-line all charges dropped sharply from residential telephones. The reforms caused Mexican landline telephone charges to go from being among the most expensive in the world, to among the cheapest.

Since then, the Mexican cellular telephone market has been undergoing some major reforms too, and you can now elect to buy a plan that, for a modest monthly fee, gives unlimited calling and SMS messages to all phones across Mexico, the United States, and Canada—and you can also use the mobile data included in your plan across all three countries without any data roaming costs. These “unlimited” deals are also available on pay-as-you-go monthly plans: there is no need to sign a long term contract.

If you have a smart phone that isn’t tethered to a network through a contract—whether you purchased it in Mexico or brought it from abroad—you can use the number portability procedure to hop from one network to another on pay-as-you-go deals, depending on who’s offering the best plan this season. Constant hopping is unlikely to be beneficial, but occasional hops may be useful to take advantage of deals that match your present needs or usage habits.

By way of example: AT&T, Telcel, Movistar and Virgin Mobile currently offer a month-to-month plans (no contract) for MXN$200 pesos (US$11) that includes unlimited call minutes and SMS messages across North America (Mexico, the US and Canada), and at least 500 MB of data.  An additional 1 GB of data is included for use of Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Visit the websites of the mobile operators to learn about these new unlimited plans which offer good value for money.

Plans last for 30 days and can be renewed or not, as you wish: automatic renewal can be set-up, or you can renew manually. If you don’t renew the plan, your tariff reverts to a peso-per-minute (or per-MB) rate.  If your data quota runs out before the 30 days, you can pay-per-MB until the plan’s renewal date, or re-initiate your plan for an additional 30 days starting on the (earlier) date of the renewal.

When lower residential phone line tariffs came into force at beginning of 2015, many people didn’t believe it was true until they started getting their first phone bills that year and saw that calls to Mexican cell phone and long distance calls across the country and the world were being charged at zero rates—all included in the monthly plan, which also includes fixed-line high-speed internet.

Now with the Mexican cellular market following suit, Mexico is one of the least expensive countries in the world to own and use a mobile phone: staying in touch with friends, family, and business contacts on the move in Mexico and when roaming with a Mexican cell phone in the United States and Canada has never been easier and less expensive than it is today.