Lake Chapala Real Estate – Mexico Retirement At A Lower Price

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By Realestate eye

Why retire on Lake Chapala, Mexico? There are several compelling reasons; a relaxing lifestyle on one of the most beautiful lake locations on this continent, astounding views of that lake and the surrounding hills, the beautiful nature all around, perfect for relaxing drives, bike rides, or walks along the lakefront, and the quaint, traditional Mexican villages of Ajijic and Chapala are only a few of the reasons why Lake Chapala Real Estate is ideal for retirement. One of the best things about Lake Chapala is that it’s very affordable – both in terms of lifestyle and in terms of real state.

While soon-to-be retirees in the U.S. and in Canada choose to live in Mexico because of the low cost of life, Lake Chapala is the Mexico Retirement Community which offers the best balance of an established community of American and Canadian retirees, excellent services and conveniences, and a low cost of life.

The cost of day to day items, restaurants, attractions and activities is, in fact, so affordable that the area is advertised even for middle-class Mexicans as a cheap destination. On the other hand, many of Mexico’s beachfront destinations, while offering an excellent quality of life at a price that’s accessible to foreigners, are considered to be inaccessibly expensive by many Mexicans. (Another wonderful thing that many retirees comment about their life in Lake Chapala is the positive relationship between the American and Canadian community and the Mexican locals and visitors.)

Considering that Ajijic and Chapala are cheap even for Mexican visitors, this means that retirement savings will last that much longer here. The first time retirees will notice their savings, both compared to back home and to the rest of Mexico, is the property prices. Most cities that are established as favorites for Americans and Canadians have home prices starting around $250,000 US, and this would usually be a “fixer-upper” – something you have to put into shape before you use it.

In Chapala decent homes for a comfortable retirement can be found staring as low as $150,000. Of course, the Lake Chapala area offers homes considerably more expensive ($800,000 US and up) for those who prefer higher-end luxury, but this just means that the buyer will be getting that much more luxury for his money, compared to other locations. The cost of living, including day to day products, health care services and shopping is likewise very affordable in Ajijic, Chapala and the surrounding villages.

The fact that the Lake Chapala area is cheap, however, does not mean that it is any way second best. The area offers several miles of beautiful boardwalks and many miles of Lake Front, with tennis courts, volleyball courts, and many other facilities for enjoying day to day life. There are also great restaurants and many, many social clubs organized by the Americans and Canadians who are already here.

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, is only 60 km away. On the Chapala-side of the city, there is an international airport, which has a wide range of direct flights to all major North American destinations. Some of Mexico’s highest-reputation state-of-the-art health care is available in Guadalajara at prices considerably lower than prices north of the border. The city also provides more opportunities for shopping and site-seeing for anyone who needs a break from relaxing.

According to many visitors, Chapala is an ideal place to spend a couple of weeks, a weekend or just a few hours; imagine actually living in this beautiful, relaxing place for entire retirement!.


3 thoughts on “Lake Chapala Real Estate – Mexico Retirement At A Lower Price

  1. My wife and I have been retired in Ajijic for 10 years and have benefited with a better life, better health and certainly better cost of living. Lake Chapala, as with any place in Mexico, is not for everyone. You’ll benefit best if you leave behind the Canadian or US lifestyle and accept the idea and immerse yourself in the Mexican community and it’s customs and traditions. We have elected to rent and will continue to rent rather than to buy at Lake Chapala…we have judged we can rent for 20-30 years for what it would cost to buy and at our age, owning property only places a burden on the survivor should one of us become disabled or die or our younger family to dispose of property in Mexico when both dead. Ask yourself if you want to leave that burden to your spouse or family remembers. Also check out my YouTube video on Living at Lake Chapala at

  2. I think that if you wish to retire affordably and live in a safe area then there are lots of great assisted living retirement homes in Mazamitla, Jalisco, Mexico. Lake Chapala is beautiful and the weather there is really nice, with a nice change of seasons as well.

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