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Mexico is today the chosen destination where most expatriates and retirees go to spend the rest of their lives in luxury condos and villa complexes. Even though that moving to a whole new country and leaving your family and all of your commodities behind to adapt to a new country and learn a new language can seem scary at first, more and more people are taking the leap and we can show you why.

Mexico has had an incredible growth and development in the last decade, it is safe to state that this country is today one of Latin America’s most advanced society. Part of that growth has come as result of all the revenues received through tourism: beautiful beaches, great resorts and all-inclusive packages all along with great prices and warm people adds up to make of Mexico the place to be, even over some other popular travel and retirement destinations.  If you’re starting your search about this country and you need to know more, you’ve stepped into the right place.

But, why Mexico amid the other options?

Here are 7 Reasons to retire in Mexico:

It is no secret that there are many popular destinations for expatriates and these continue to grow in the world and as time goes by the options multiply. Even then, Mexico continues to be the safe bet for most retired Americans and Canadians. If you’re asking yourself why is it like this, we have 7 answers for you:

A paradise on a walking distance:

Mexico has the most beautiful beaches, bays and coasts in the Caribbean. Moving to Mexico means that you will wake up to a warm sun and a white sand beach every day for the rest of your life. Spending the day at the beach relaxing, practicing snorkeling, surf or diving will be daily activities and a dinner under the starred sky and in front of a fire could be at a 15 minutes’ walk away from home.


In the past few years, the Mexican peso has lowered its value consequently, which means that expats and retirees from countries with stronger currencies like the United States or Canada will have much more money from their retirement or life savings. This also means that everyone, absolutely everyone, can live his or her retirement in Mexico without any inconvenience or worry about money; moreover, you can have a luxurious life for half the price you’ll need in America. Just to give you an example: according to the Huffington Post in its article ‘Retiring in Mexico: More Affordable than Ever’, a couple would only need 1,700$ monthly to live in Mexico and cover all of their expenses.

The Best Real Estate Market in Latin America

Mexico has bloomed subjectively over the last ten years in the real state field. More and more companies are building new projects every day, and not just resorts and hotels, the real estate market has focused lately into building condos and villas that are specifically made for expats and retirees from America and Canada. In TAO México, we have developed multiple projects where tight communities of expats live and share their adventures, some of them are: YAX Building, TAO Community, TAO Ocean Residences, CHAN Building, La Selva, El Bosque, La Reserva, etc. all located in Akumal, the trendiest town to live in Mexico right now.

Expat Communities

If you’ve ever lived away from your country you’ll know that meeting other people like you while you’re abroad makes you feel right at home. This is the reason why expat communities are so tight and close: they help each other, go on trips together and share tips about the best places to go or visit. Newcomers are always received with great welcomes and joy. Be sure that you won’t be alone, people that speak your language and understand your country and all the nostalgia you might feel somedays, will be your neighbors.

Great Security: Specially in the touristic areas where most expats and retirees live, you can live a safe life with just the basic precautions you must take care of everywhere on the globe. Police officers and law enforcement are very responsive and take good care of the tourists and expats, they know that Mexico’s grow is, in great part, a result to all the revenues obtained thanks to these people.

Inexpensive Quality Healthcare

Staying healthy while living in Mexico is not only possible, it is affordable. Healthcare in this country is very advanced, so advanced that in fact, Mexico has turned into of the top destination for medical tourism around the world. And the prices are the best: for only around 25 and 50% of what you will pay in your country you can get procedures, surgeries and basic medical consultations. In the most touristic and densely populated areas you will always find top-notch clinics and hospitals, ask around other retirees in your area and find out which one is the best where you are.

Language and Culture

Learning a new language is never a waste of time, especially if it is as widely spoken as Spanish. Retiring in Mexico will give you the chance to learn it and within it, the Mexican culture as a bonus. Language courses and institutes are everywhere if you want to learn it formally, if not, you can always learn through conversations with locals. Mexican food and people will always make you feel at home, in this country foreigners are received and treated just like they were part of the family.