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How Assisted Living in Mexico is luring American retirees to the country because of their affordable rates.

More and more older Americans are heading to Mexico to spend their retirement years. Whether if they say it’s because of the sunny beaches, the warm weather, or the welcoming people, one thing is undeniable, assisted living is way cheaper there than in the US.

According to Peter Fowler, a resident of a community assisted by Serena Senior Care, health care cost is much affordable in Mexico than in the United States.

Before moving to Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, Fowler had difficulties paying his health care services in the US. Aside from health care bills, he had a hard time covering all his expenses because of the high cost of living in America.

Assisted living in Mexico is more affordable. Fowler pays about $1500 a month in Serena Senior Care, which is 70 percent cheaper than average full-time care in California.

According to Mike Wise, a 70-year-old retiree and former resident of Minnesota, even the quality of assisted living in Mexico is better than in the US. In his six years of living in Puerto Vallarta, he observed that doctors are more accessible, surgery and dental care costs less, and there are more health care options at much more affordable prices.

Although moving to Mexico for retirement sounds very appealing, Brenda Shorkend reminded older Americans that they shouldn’t decide to move there without giving it much thought. The Los Angeles Senior Care consultant explained that there are a lot of things to consider in moving from one country to another. Adjustments to food, language, culture among many other things can be upsetting to a lot of people. Also, Medicare doesn’t cover health care expenses in Mexico, Shorkend adds.

At present,  there is an estimated 1 million Americans living in Mexico and an estimated 300 to 400 thousand of those are older Americans.