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By Jeffery | Doctours

What have you heard stories about our neighbors to the south? Tales of intrigue? Some medical tourists retire in Mexico after experiencing life there.

Medical Tourists Retire In Mexico After One Visit

Thousands of North Americans have settled on the Mexican riviera of Lake Chapala. Gringos have been living there for decades.

First of all is climate. Nigh one mile high and surrounded by mountains, Lake Chapala weather is spring-like year-round.

Further more, Mexico is not far. And lakeside is a half-hour south of the international airport of Guadalajara. That’s Mexico’s second largest city.

Most popular with expats is Ajijic, having:
* movie theaters,
* big-box stores,
* medical and dental clinics, and
* international restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Medical Tourists Retire In Mexico With Little Money

Especially relevant, your money goes far in Mexico. Most Americans and Canadians chuckle at the advice they heard back home about saving. A couple can buy housing, food, entertainment, recreation, and travel and still spend less than $1,900 a month.

Most noteworthy, costs in Ajijic are well below those in Toronto:
* Rental: 67% lower
* Restaurant meals: 62% less
* Groceries: 56% cheaper.

Hence International Living magazine voted Mexico the world’s top international retirement destination for 2017.

Medical Tourists Retire In Mexico: What’s the Attraction?

A research study found most who relocated to Mexico saw their expectations met. Also they enjoyed life more and were happier than in their country of origin.

Most expats cited three reasons: weather, cost of living, and no stress. A fourth reason was access to affordable, high-quality health care.

Expats admired Mexico’s society. Their work-life balance is healthier. They enjoy spending time with family. And they respect elders and treat them with compassion.

In conclusion, if Mexicans can live up North, gringos can live down South. If not forever, at least long enough to get well.

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