By Mexperince

The Mexico Immigration Guide has been fully revised and updated for 2018.

The new edition includes updated application fees and economic qualification criteria for different visa types, as well as various enhancements we added by listening to our readers’ feedback over the last year.

Mexico enacted root-and-branch changes to its immigration law in November 2012, the rules of which affect people planning to reside in Mexico—temporarily or permanently.  This latest edition of the Mexico Immigration Guide encompasses the current immigration rules (as well as minor amendments that were enacted since 2012) and also provides practical advice based on real-life experiences of applying for and obtaining residency status in Mexico.

This fully revised and updated edition provides you with a road map that carefully spells-out the various ways that you can legally reside in Mexico, and how to go about obtaining the visa you need, whether you plan to live, work, retire or start a business here.

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