By AMAR Association

There is a popular belief that getting medical attention in Mexico is just as hard or even harder than in the United States. This might have to do a lot with the media coverage regarding poverty and violence in Mexico, but while we do know that hospitals in the US have top notch technology and equipment, the attention you get in Mexico, Americans report, it’s better for half the costs.

According to reports by Veterans News Report, people in the Mexico spend 1/5 on healthcare compared to what they would spend in the States, and this is accompanied by a 90% satisfaction rate. Reports also mention that, while the #1 complaint for healthcare in the US is the lack of empathy or communication with your doctors, residents in Mexico often talk about how they felt listened and cared for by their doctor.

A community of expats residing in Lake Chapala report that they only spend $20 USD for a doctor’s visa, while spending $1000 USD on average for insurance, and so many of them only keep insurance for emergencies with a high deductible, knowing they won’t break the bank in the event of one.

With all this information we can only conclude that, while every country has its issues, we can rest assured that healthcare is not one in Mexico’s list.