By AMAR Association

Mexico, with its nature, weather, culture, and other beautiful qualities, it is one of the best countries one can go to enjoy retirement. Here we share with you what, according to Nacion321, are the best five cities to go to and enjoy your golden years.


  • Guanajuato: Top option for living in Mexico with all of its traditions and colors. It is a beautiful, quite and bohemian city in which you can truly enjoy the country’s culture. Because of its architecture, gastronomy and parks, it is a great place to live in general, which also makes it a great option for housing investment.


  • Playa del Carmen: This is a city that is constantly growing because of its importance in tourism for the country. It has become one of the most important cities in the state because of this and it is one of the best options for anyone who enjoys the beach! Investing in retirement and housing here is a great option because of the quality of the city and its growing income from tourism..


  • San Cristobal de las Casas: This Chiapas city is widely known for its amazing coffee, but that’s not all it offers. Because of its huge flora and fauna, and overall natural beauty, it makes it to the list of top five best cities to enjoy your retirement in. You can enjoy the city while you drink one of its famous coffees, or go to a more extreme and natural side, by enjoying the waterfalls and lakes the area has. It is full of color and tranquility; you get to choose which one you want.


  • Chapala Lake: This city contains the largest community of expats in the country, being that it is one of the cities with the highest attractions for retirement. It offers you with beautiful weather, the nicest people, a rich culture, and one of the biggest, most beautiful lakes in Mexico. If this doesn’t make it a dream destination for just anyone, I wouldn’t know what does!


  • Mérida: This has always been one of the best cities to live in Mexico, overall. However, it has slowly become also one of the best ones for retirement. Because of its richness in Maya culture and mother nature attractions, it’s a city that is constantly growing, making it perfect for investment.

Mexico has plenty of cities that offer comfort, fun and security for people seeking retirement. These are just a few of them that cover most of the qualities one would look for when starting a new life chapter. Or even for a vacation! We’re sure that once you try them, you’ll want more.