Baby Boomers Retiring In Mexico – The Fun Side Of The Wall

Has the thought of moving away and living your retirement years in another country ever crossed your mind?

For many people it has – and many are actually doing it.

Specifically in Mexico, there has been a recent boom in people retiring there from the United States.

Author and Entrepreneur Travis Scott Luther wanted to find out why this was happening. In his book, The Fun Side Of The Wall – Baby Boomer Retirement In Mexico, Travis explores and researches the topic of retirement and why so many baby boomers are retiring to Mexico. Along with discovering what he hypothesized, that there was a financial motivation to retire there, he also uncovers that there is much more behind these individual’s reasons for moving.

Through his research, Travis discovers that for many expats, the move to Mexico wasn’t necessarily as much about what they were moving from but more about what they were moving to. Travis’ book not only shares why people are retiring to Mexico but also dives further into our societal views and opinions of retirement.

Travis recently spoke with me about his book. During our discussion, Travis shares why he wrote it and what his research discovered. He also highlights how what he learned could be applied to someone’s retirement no matter where they may live.

Here is our discussion;

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