By: Kevin Maimann |

An Edmonton couple living in Mexico was hoping for a little more drama from Hurricane Patricia.

Weather experts warmed the storm would be one of the worst in world history before it struck the Mexican coast Friday, and residents prepared for catastrophic damage.

Instead, the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea was downgraded to a tropical depression shortly after reaching land.

“We were quite disappointed, actually,” said Kim Cable, with a laugh.

“We didn’t want the devastation. But my husband is a weather nut, and he just likes the real stuff and he was all excited.”

Cable and her husband Ross live in a small fishing village north of the beach resort Puerto Vallarta, where tourists were asked to stay put during the storm and the airport was closed in anticipation of damage from 200 mph winds and projectiles.

The two gassed up their vehicles, put their outdoor plants away and helped a local SPCA evacuate animals.

“We had a little bit of rain – just a sprinkling like an Alberta shower – and no wind, nothing,” Cable said.

“The river went really high, but other than that, there was absolutely nothing.”

Officials told residents their power would be shut off Friday afternoon, but only water was briefly turned off.

The storm uprooted trees and toppled power lines in some parts of Mexico while heavy rain caused mudslides, but no fatalities or significant damages have been tallied.